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Particularly in the hot Florida sun, your RIB or other inflatable takes a merciless beating winter or summer unless you’re able to keep it inside in the cool shade of an air conditioned garage - yeah, right! Most RIBs we know hang on their own davits or reside in a cradle on deck most of the time, just being there until they’re slipped into the water and used for a few hours at a time. A full cover is a step in the right direction toward protecting your RIB. Custom chaps are also well worth the investment. The bottom line is that your RIB or other inflatable can give you good service for a lot of years provided you take the time to give it a fighting chance. Our experience has been, unfortunately, that some owners don’t give their tenders that chance, and we have to step in and reverse the ravages that Mother Nature has inflicted.
200 15th Avenue South St. Petersburg, FL 33701 (727) 224-5110

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We started with a passion for boating and a love for RIBs. After a lifetime of hard work and a thorough hands-on education, we’ve gained a comprehensive knowledge of the RIB industry that enables us to provide a full range of products and unique services to our valued customers.
Welcome to AI BOATS, LLC. We have been actively involved in the marine industry since the early 1970s. We strive every day to fulfill all of our customers’ boating needs by providing fast, reliable and professional services. In return, we know that satisfied customers become our best form of advertisement! We are passionate about our business just as boating is a passion for our customers. Our objective is to enhance your time on the water by making it worry free and as much fun as possible.